Current Status

The application 14/00293/MAO was called-in by the Secretary of State in 2015 and a Second Public Inquiry was held in October 2015. The decision to approve the application was announced on 26th September. Appeals must be lodged by 4th November 2016.

Planning Permission Granted

The Secretary of State published the decision on 22nd September 2016 – almost a year after the Public Enquiry and a huge disappointment.

The decision paper is a lengthy one – 146 pages with 40 conditions attached to the approval. GAG are presently reviewing this and taking advice from our professionals. At this stage we can’t say much more but we will be updating this site once our options are known and decisions taken about where to go from here.

Sign the Petition

CLICK HERE to object to the latest application submitted 27th Jan 2014

In the Press

  • Regarding the piece in the Telegraph & Argus on November 11, any green belt land that can be saved is good, even if it is only a very small proportion.

    Greenhill Action Group has been telling the Council for four years that their calculated housing numbers are wrong, as they are using formulae that have historically produced 13,720 empty homes and we do not consider the current rethink goes far enough.
    Green belt does not save green fields, which have not been designated green belt but are still essential to the community’s wellbeing.
    This redistribution of housing numbers results in the City of Bradford having a nominal increase in housing of only two per cent with Airedale and South Pennine having an 18 per cent reduction against Wharfedale’s 45 per cent.
    In Bingley we have persuaded planning panel after planning panel that the planning submissions for Sty Lane, Micklethwaite, are flawed.
    We have also persuaded the public inquiry inspector and the Secretary of State on two occasions that the developers should not be building on our green fields.
    We are about to receive yet another planning submission over these green fields. How many times must we win before they cannot come back again?
    Councillor Slater may say they have listened, but have they really listened? What happened to localism?
    Terry Brown, Chairman, Greenhill Action Group Ltd